Why use us

Our customised approach

Every stock crate we manufacture is built-to-order. We'll take the time to understand exactly how you would like your stock crate set up, so it will work the way you do.

Our team have years of experience manufacturing stock crates, with a focus on delivering products that combine the best balance between tare weight, strength and durability at a competitive price. We offer a number of standard options and optional extras to customise your stock crate.

Industry certifications

  • Member of the New Zealand Road Transport Forum (NZRTF), which is dedicated to working towards a safer, more efficient and effective road transport industry.
  • Members of our staff hold welding certifications, allowing us to undertake manufacturing jobs that require ratings.

Quality assurance

  • All Delta Stock Crates and Truck Decks have a full 2-year manufacturer's warranty against product defects or faulty workmanship.
  • All new stock crates are AsureQuality Certified.